Monkshead Longbow

weapon (ranged)

A wooden bow with a carving of a face on it. When wielding it, you hear whispers in a bygone language.

+1 enhancement bonus.

Whispered: The bow whispers the weak points of your enemies. This weapon will crit on a roll of 19-20.

Infusion Invocation (standard): You can invoke the spirit of the bow’s creator to empower the bow with certain elements. However, each time you do, you increase the chance that the bow will simply collapse into dust. Track how many times you have invoked. Each invocation adds +1 to the DC to preserve the bow. Increment the DC after each invocation. The invocation persists until the next invocation. The bow starts with no invocation.

Starting DC: 0 (automatic success- you get two free invocations)
On failure, the bow is destroyed and dissolves into sand.

Spirit Fire: +1d8 fire damage
Spirit Cobra: +1d4 poison damage, enemy takes vulnerability 3 poison (save ends)
Spirit Wraith: +2d10 necrotic damage. On hit, you take 1/2 of the damage dealt to your target.
Spirit Guide: Additional +1 to attack roll (not to damage).


Monkshead Longbow

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