Kuragh's Orb


There are none who cannot be mimicked.
Ancient Arcane Artifact
+1 Implement
On crit: +1d6 psychic damage

Power (At-Will Minor- arcane, implement)
Gain full knowledge of a power you have seen in the last turn. If the target has ranks in spellcraft, they may make an opposed spellcraft check to prevent this.
Receive +2 to a Spellcraft or Arcana check (until end of your next turn)
Identify the keywords of an item.

Imperfect Imitation
Power (At Will- arcane, implement)
Full Round Action
Range: 5 squares

You use the orb to analyze a power and form an imperfect imitation of it (subject to restrictions below). You gain use of the power as if it were your own. All of your rolls on the power have a -2 penalty. Any imitated powers are considered to have the “Implement” keyword, even if they would not normally.

The target, if they have trained spellcraft, may make an opposed spellcraft check to prevent you from copying the power. If they succeed, Imperfect Imitation is only a minor action.

You retain the power until you replace it with another. Every day that you retain a power without replacing it, it receives a further -1 penalty to all rolls.

If you attempt to steal a power that the orb cannot contain, you suffer backlash (1d6 psychic damage) and the orb receives a breakage token.


Powers that do not meet the restrictions cannot be stolen

Must have at least one of the following keywords: arcane, psionic, implement, radiant, necrotic, elemental
Must not be the spell already present in the orb. (can’t steal the same thing twice in a row) However, if you steal, use, steal something else, then steal the first power back, the power can be used again even if it is an encounter power.

You must see the power used in order to steal it.
You must steal the power within two turns of its last use.
You cannot steal daily powers.


Kuragh’s Orb is solid green crystalline sphere.

The top hemisphere is free of any adornments, allowing one to peer into its depths.

The bottom hemisphere is encased in ivory which has been painstakingly carved to resemble creeping vines. It protrudes a bit from the bottom, allowing a fine chain to run through.

Though not immediately obvious, one of the vines is inscribed with the sigil of House Bloravor: Or, a python displayed vert (Gold background, green winged serpent facing out with wings spread)

Kuragh's Orb

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